Rabbi Mitch Feld is a Modern, Passionate, independent and dedicated Rabbi and Spiritual Counseling Professional with a proven track record of work with culturally diverse populations including both individuals and groups. He has significant expertise in addictions, trauma and crisis management with a focus on spiritual healing and recovery. Rabbi Mitch Feld provides addiction counseling focusing on healing, spiritual guidance and personalized life cycle events. Specialties include Addiction Services, Spiritual Counseling, and Life Cycle Services.

Rabbi Mitch Feld

Rabbi Mitch Feld

Rabbi Mitch Feld provides a full range of Addiction Services including Family Interventions; Individual Counseling for Addictions, Family Restructuring, Referrals to Rehab, Spiritual Counseling, Anger Management, Alternatives to the 12 steps, and At Home Treatment Programs. His philosophy and vision for clients is to focus on empowering individuals by providing them with the information and skills necessary to promote positive change.

Rabbi Mitch’s goal is to help you find a spiritual path to a God of your understanding and a power greater than you that can restore you; to help you see the differences between religion and faith; and to see that religion is a wonderful thing for those that need to make use of it and that it provides a set of disciplines that are engaging and meaningful and filled with wonderful experiences if that is what you are seeking.

In addition to Addiction Services, Rabbi Mitch Feld also provides many various Life Cycle Services. These services include Wedding Ceremonies, Vow Renewals, 50th Wedding Anniversaries, Commitment Ceremonies, Baby Namings, Circumcisions, Funerals, Pet Funerals, Ethical Wills and Religious Conversion. To find out more information about the Life Cycle Services provided by Rabbi Mitch Feld, CLICK HERE

Rabbi Mitch works with individuals who are suffering – of all races, ethnicities, religions, sexual orientations, and political persuasions – to help them find a common bond within their souls and core – to help them put down the drink/drug, trust the process and identify what it is that has held them back from a life filled with happiness, joy, freedom and sobriety. If you, a family member or friend are suffering, call him today at 954-629-9281 to get the help you/they deserve. Rabbi Mitch can also be reached via email at mitch@rabbimitch.com

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