Daily Choices

For those of you that are sports fans, the name Jim Valvano will evoke a warm feeling. Jimmy “V” as he was known was a highly successful college basketball coach and amazing motivational person. He was stricken with cancer in 1993 and was awarded the Arthur Ashe Humanitarian Award by ESPN Sports Television. Arthur Ashe was a world class tennis player and person of integrity who challenged truth to power and broke down racial barriers throughout the world before his untimely death of AIDS due to a bad blood transfusion he received while recuperating from open heart surgery.

Back to Jimmy “V”! In accepting his award, he passionately made clear to all listening that cancer could rob his body of his physical skills, but it could not rob him of his mind, heart or soul. He issued the following challenge to all listening that night; that each of us do the following every day and he guaranteed us that we would have a more fulfilling and meaningful life – that we Laugh as laughter from the heart is joyful; that we Think – that to use our God given minds to help others and make our world a better place and that we Feel our emotions to the fullest through tears of joy or sadness. To laugh, think and feel – what a great day that would be if we made a promise to ourselves that we would do that everyday. His point was to get beyond self pity and rejoice in the gifts we receive and can give daily.

My prayer for you today is that you will choose to Laugh, Think and Feel daily and that your lives will expand and grow beyond your wildest dreams.

Hugs and blessings for a joyous day!

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