You are never strong enough that you don’t need help.
Cesar Chavez
Throughout my life my pride always got in the way of my seeing that I needed help and asking for help. I now know that part of that will remain with me through my days due to my gender, but even so, I have come a long way in seeing how prideful I have become over the help I seek to find what I cannot find on my own.
I don’t know when we got the message to tough it out and “be strong”, but it has caused ripple effects in my and many lives for a long time. When I believe that I need to be so strong that I don’t need help, I am squeezing God and my faith out the back door. When I go it alone and feel that I must steer the ship at all times, my spiritual condition declines.
I have learned that knowing what I don’t know and asking for help from God as I understand God, means that every person I seek help from is an angel and messenger from God. When I allow you to help me, I know that I am making God happy for God put you in my life at that moment to be of service to me just as God puts me into other people’s lives at the moment I am meant to be there to be of service to them. There are no coincidences.
I must see the limits of my knowledge and learn that asking for help is one of the greatest gifts a person can be given. When I surrender and admit what I don’t know and that I need help, I am saying loud and clear, God, I need you. Amazingly, whatever it is that I need begins to appear in my life and I feel better.
Giving up = Getting better!
My prayer for you today is that you surrender your pride, admit what you don’t know, ask for help and let your God show you the way.
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Hugs and blessings for a joyous day!


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