“Man is born free, but one of the first things he learns is to do as he is told, and he spends the rest of his life doing that.”
Eric Berne

Throughout my career I have spent many hours teaching teenagers and adults. Frequently, I have found myself asking questions and getting total silence in response. When I jokingly ask if anyone is awake, everyone laughs but no one yet replies. When I further delve into the audience and stand in front of someone and ask them the question, I often get a grin and whispered reply.

I usually stop and make a declarative statement telling all those in attendance that everything they have to say has merit and that the time we spend together will result in what they choose to learn. I have prepared material and want to exchange my material for their thoughts and experience as that is the freedom we have. We have the ability to exchange thoughts and ideas, are encouraged to do so from the earliest age and are then put in a chair and are told when to do everything. We then wonder why we have adolescents turning 30 as opposed to them being adults. I always challenge my son to think for himself, make decisions for himself and accept responsibility for what he learns as that is his freedom. His mother and I are there to love and support him when he chooses poorly, but to respect and support his right to explore.

Does that mean that we are always going to make the right decision and learn the right message? NO! Does it mean that we are moving in the right direction? NO! What it means is that we are using the freedom we are given to explore and experience as we choose; succeeding and not succeeding, but fulfilling the freedom we are blessed with. I am not suggesting that we have a world with no rules, but I am strongly suggesting that we allow our children, employees and friends, to explore their own freedom and support them when they need help rather than always telling them what to do.

My prayer for you today is that you set yourself and those you love free to be and explore their world as they need to.

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Hugs and blessings for a joyous day!
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