My Time and My Calendar

No date on the calendar is as important as today. Rabbi Mitch
If you are reading this message you are having a great day and your calendar is filled with your life. You awoke to this amazing day of awe! How blessed and fortunate you are. Have you ever stopped and considered the difference between my time and my calendar? I have, and I have found that regardless of how I plan to use my time and the events that have been calendared, God (whatever that means) always laughs as real life is a constant disruption.
How often do we bemoan our lack of time due to the events that are on our calendars? Do we even have control over our calendars? Frequently in my past, I would be asked to be somewhere and I would say yes because “I” had nothing planned for that time, only to learn that someone else had made an appointment for me to be somewhere else.
When planning your daily calendar, how often do you include the following time categories? Spiritual practice, leisure, personal reading, exercise, time with spouse, partner and family, child care, homework with the kids, housework, errands, time with friends, travel and more. Now, take a few moments and prioritize your list and see if your list fulfills your actual goals for your life. Chances are, like most of us, many of the more personal and intimate activities that fulfill us are not where we would like them to be if they are on our list at all.
We all have the choice to start making time for those activities that we enjoy with the people we enjoy being with. If we are going to be held accountable by our calendars then let our calendars include some of the things we love.
My prayer for you today is that you cherish the day, fill it with activities that give meaning and joy to your life and thank God however you understand God for the gift of this day
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Hugs and blessings for a joyous day!
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