Cleaning House

If you want to have clean ideas, change them as often as your shirt. Francis Picabia
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When I refer to cleaning house I am not referring to the physical act of choosing what to keep, give to another or throw away. I am referring to the spiritual and emotional process of taking my "baggage inventory" and dumping what is holding me back.
We all have emotional and psychic baggage that weighs us down and makes our happiness and joy more difficult to achieve. I carried around my own for decades until I found a new path in my life that allowed me to see it, feel it, decide what to do with it and heal it. I had to learn that my baggage was preventing me from being the person I wanted to be and achieving the goals I wanted to achieve.
If you have baggage that weighs you down, take a leap of faith and clean house one hurt at a time. Free yourself and awaken to a breath of fresh air rather than the stale fears, hurts and anxieties of yesterday.
My prayer for you today is that you will free yourself from the things that slow you down and feel the freedom of all you wish to be. 
Continue your journey toward spiritual and emotional wellness by contacting me today. You may reach me via phone at 954-755-3764 or email Rabbi Mitch.

Hugs and blessings for a joyous day!
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