The Miracle of the Moment

I have often said that our lives changed for ever with the advent of “Have it your way.” The notion that we could get what we wanted when we wanted changed the pace and tenor of our lives forever. All that once happened at a slower pace now occurred on the run. We lost the ability to feel the momentary miracles of our lives.

I know that I lived my life at light speed for fear that I would miss something. I did! I missed my life as I could not inhale the momentary miracles that were happening for me. I missed the smiles, hugs, compliments, celebrations, births, laughter and so much more. I was always in a hurry. I had things to do, places to go and people to see.

What I was doing and I can only speak for me, was running from me. For whatever reasons I had, I did not like my life nor like me. I couldn’t run fast enough. The cars I bought went faster than most. I flew the fastest jets. I had more appointments in a day than you did. I slept as little as possible. I was convinced that I had it right; that this was the way for me to live. 

It took nearly losing my life on October 6, 1988, for me to slow down long enough to take a peek at what I had missed. That was quite revealing and led me to a new and very different path. Today, I feel the miracle of each breath I am blessed with, the joy of belly laughter, the warm and loving nature of your hugs, the intimacy of your friendship, a good night’s sleep, time away from work with family and friends and so much more.

There are days I spend just observing the miracles around me. Each of us is a miracle and each of us contributes beauty, grace, creativity and joy to making this world a better place. My prayer for you today is that you see and feel your contribution, know what a miracle you are and begin to see the miracles that surround you.

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