Deep Breathing

If you woke up breathing, congratulations! You have another chance. Andrea Boydston
Andrea Boydston is an American writer of prose and life affirming materials. I chose this quote as I don’t know many people that pause upon awakening and inhaling their first breath of the day.
I love that first moment more than anything else in my day. I am able to draw in God’s love for me, hold God inside me for a long moment and exhale my gratitude to God as I feel God’s joy for the gift of a new day. Unless there are nature’s urgings that I must attend to, I will stay still for a few moments and calm myself by inhaling and exhaling slowly so I can arise in a state of calm rather than calamity with all that I must get done.
I have decided that all that stuff can wait a few moments while I get centered to face life today. This is my first act of taking care of me in what I know will be a day filled with experiences and opportunities that were not on my calendar. Do you ever take the time upon awakening to truly inhale the gift of a new day and give thanks to whomever you give thanks to? You might want to try it and experience the difference it makes in how you arise and start your day.
I have built time into my day to just stop, inhale and feel God’s presence in my life and then exhale in gratitude for the gifts I am blessed with. I can do this in the car, walking on the street, waiting on line, before making an important call or having an important meeting. I choose to remember that taking care of me is the responsibility I have in exchange for the blessing of my ability to breath. By doing this I am continually reminded of all the powers greater than me that bless me throughout my day with the faith to endure.
My prayer for you today is that you will choose to honor your God and affirm yourself upon awakening by truly inhaling God’s love of you and feeling that joy before you get up and start running.
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Hugs and blessings for a joyous day!


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