The ABC’s of Achievement – P-Q-R

Perseverance – When my spiritual condition is soaring, I find no obstacles in my path, only opportunities. When my spiritual condition is in need of an adjustment, I only see obstacles and blame. The important step for me in this process is to remember that regardless of what my spiritual condition is, I need to take action for it is in the doing that my faith will grow and find the experience I need to have to help me persevere.

Quiet – I pondered the “Q” until I chose quiet as I could have chosen quit, question, quality or others. I chose quiet as I have determined that I must quiet down regularly and give pause, rest and consideration to where I have been, what has happened, where I am, what is going on and where I am headed and how I plan on getting there. I cannot do that when all the committees are screaming and all of my life forces are tugging at me from every direction.

Readiness – How many times have you arrived at a place in your life where you knew what needed to be done and you just were not ready. That simple, yet that complex. I know in my life how many times I have said I was not ready to do whatever it was that needed to be done. In my case it was a lack of faith. I keep growing in my understanding that fear prohibits me from moving forward. When I am in fear, I can create every good reason not to do what I know needs to be done and when I am in faith, there is only one reason to do something and that is because I can. I may need to plan the act out, but I have no hesitation in implementing the plan because “I am ready.” Are you ready in your life?

My prayer for you today is that you “do” to persevere, get quiet so you may
reflect and be ready for whatever God chooses to grant you in each great
new day.

Put this on anyone’s page who made you smile somewhere sometime in your life. It may surprise you, but check out how many come back. Thanks a lot for making me smile!!!! Pass it on and change the world one smile at a time
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