God’s Love

“Though our feelings come and go, God’s love for us does not.”
C.S. Lewis
Clive Staples Lewis, commonly referred to as C. S. Lewis and known to his friends and family as Jack, was an Irish-born British novelist, academic, medievalist, literary critic, essayist, lay theologian and Christian apologist. He is also known for his fiction, especially The Screwtape Letters, The Chronicles of Narnia and The Space Trilogy.
Our relationships with God are one of the easiest, most difficult and most complex of all the relationships we have. I do not profess to know God for you in any way, and like you I have my own struggles with God as I understand God. The one thing that I have learned over time is that regardless of where I am with God on any given day and however I understand God, God is always with me. God’s love for me is evident every morning when I take my first breath of this great new day. God’s love for me is apparent even when I am not getting what I want and think I am entitled to. Yes, I suffer from the King Baby syndrome sometimes; I want what I want when I want it – Whaaaaaa. 
When I allow myself to just know how much God loves me and not require proofs, theories or rationalizations, I feel embraced in ways words cannot express and I am filled with amazing levels of gratitude, passion, willingness and hope. It is at these moments that I just am! I do not have to be, do not have to know and do not have to explain; I just am at one with my God and feel the loves God gives me. 
My prayer for you today is that regardless of where you are with your God, know that your God loves you more than you can imagine.
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Hugs and blessings for a joyous day!

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