Too Sensitive?

You are way too sensitive. Can’t you take it? Are you afraid again? What’s wrong with you; can’t you catch the ball? Can’t you take a joke? Are you going to cry again? What’s wrong with you today?
Many of us were raised to be “tough” and overcome our sensitivity. Did it work for you? It did not work for me. I am nearly 64 and still sensitive. Thank God I am. I love my sensitivity for it is one of the most important traits I have. My sensitivity is what gives me my compassion, caring for others, capacity to love, ability to listen, accept people as they are and much more.
Growing up my sensitivity was a fatal flaw that I carried on my back like a 500 pound weight. Teachers, parents, friends, relatives and others were forever telling me, in a caring way, to stop being so sensitive. I truly believed that I was defective and would always where the Overly Sensitivetags on my back throughout my life. 
Well dear friends, I am hear today to tell you that there is nothing wrong with you at all. As a matter of fact, your sensitivity is an asset that makes everything you do just a tad better because you have the ability to sense things that folks less sensitive than you cannot. You process information at a deeper emotional level than less sensitive people.
I will be writing a great deal more on this topic in the weeks ahead, but just for today, embrace and love your sensitivity because it makes you the wonderful person you are.
My prayer for you today is that you will stop letting others brand you and know that being sensitive is a character asset, not defect.
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Hugs and blessings for a joyous day!                      


  1. Oh My My Mitch!!

    Just what I needed to hear today.

    I remember my downstairs neighbor, whom I judged as a tough Egyptian,
    saying to me “You verry sensitive Therrissa! Gut! Allah haf special job for you!”

    It’s true. In meetings, I still cry the hardest when someone relapses. 24 years later. My skin ain’t thick, and I can love even more than ever before.

    Love you Rabbi.

    Blessings to you and your family.

    Theresa Candelaria

  2. My whole life I was told I was “to” sensitive. I gave it the old college college try and sucked it up to be tougher and felt like an abject failure when I couldn’t. I have learned that there is no such thing as “to” sensitive. I am proud of my sensitivity and if that is a problem for you, so be it. I know today to surround myself with people that respect my sensitivity, not criticize oe tease me about it.
    Thanks for taking the time to comment and thank you for choosing to read my blog. I am grateful.
    Hugs, love and blessings on this glorious Wednesday,
    Rabbi Mitch:)

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