Passionate Observation

We cannot direct the wind, but we can adjust the sails. Bertha Calloway

Bertha Calloway is an African American activist who has dedicated her life to racial education, acceptance and respect. She is responsible for creating the Great Plains Black History Museum in Omaha, Nebraska.
Her quote is very powerful as it suggests that I may learn that I am powerless over which way the wind blows, but powerful over what choices I make when the wind blows. I have come to learn that many of my choices derive from my becoming a passionate observer of others and what they do and have done when their wind has blown at differing times. I have come to see the destructive behaviors as well as the healthy choices people exhibit. By watching people I am not emotionally attached to, I can find an objectivity that I can’t when the people I observe are close to me.

When I watch and see whatever it is that I do, I can now choose to use this passionate observation as a looking glass self. I can hold a mirror to my own behavior and see if I in fact exhibit any of the destructive or healthy choices others are making. It is not enough for me to just have an emotional reaction to what I observe, but even more important for me to see me in what I have seen and honestly see what action I need to take to become a healthier and more responsible person.
For me to engage me in this passionate process, I must change my thinking and venture out into my faith where I know I can be safe and trusting as I try on my new clothes. I will strive for progress and acceptance at all times or my perfectionism will doom me to failure from the get go.
My prayer for you today is that you choose to become a passionate observer of others so you may find those parts of you that are preventing you from soaring in happiness and joy.
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Hugs and blessings for a joyous day!
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