Feelings are like chemicals; the more you analyze them the worse they smell. Charles Kingsley

Charles Kingsley was an English clergyman who lived in the 19th century and wrote extensively in a manner that reflected his wit, humor and overflowing vitality for life.
As I have in the past, I would like to expand the notion of what it means, “To smell.” If we turn to the dictionary we are given what I find to be an exceedingly limited definition of what the word means; to perceive the scent of something by means of the olfactory nerves; to sense the presence of by or as if by the olfactory nerves; detect or discover; To use the sense of smell; perceive the scent of something; To have or emit an odor; To be suggestive; have a touch of something: a cave that smells of terror; To have or emit an unpleasant odor; stink; To appear to be dishonest; suggest evil or corruption; The sense by which odors are perceived; the olfactory sense; That quality of something that may be perceived by the olfactory sense; The act or an instance of smelling; A distinctive enveloping or characterizing quality; an aura or trace: the smell of success.

These are all wonderful terms by which to define the literal experience of “smelling”, but for me omits the elevated terms that for me, reflect the true act of smelling; namely, words like life, love, pain, suffering, loss, faith, hope, courage, daring, friendship, partnership, prayer, arousal, nature, wind, babies, birth, death, passion, hunger and much more.

I venture daily to smell my life as it draws me closer to my soul and spirit. God (whatever that means) has blessed me with life today and I make every effort to smell and relish every aroma God has put in my path today. I want to smell your soul through what you emit to me in our sharing. I want to smell your aura as you breathe each breath in your day. I want to smell the clouds, rain, wind, self doubt, faith and effort I expend in gratitude to God for all that I have been given today.

I want to smell today, relish yesterday’s lasting aroma and look forward to the joyous odors of tomorrow.

My prayer for you today is that you smell all that you are and share your scent with us so we may smell you as you us.

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Hugs and blessings for a joyous day!
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