Negative to Neutral

I cannot change me or you from negative to positive,
but I can change us both to less negative. Rabbi Mitch  

How often do we find ourselves in a situation where we are making a sincere, well intentioned effort to change either our or someone else’s thinking from negative to positive? I would imagine that like most people, often. If we are at all alike, then we have both had the experience of being unsuccessful.
I don’t know when it occurred for me, but I came to realize that the notion that I could change me or you from a negative to a positive was flawed. As a South Florida Sober Coach, there was no way I had the power within me to do that for me or for you. What I have learned is that I have the power to reduce my negativity by one degree at a time and if I am successful, I will arrive at neutral. 
For me, neutral has become a positive place for when I reach neutral I become able to hear another opinion and begin to consider my own thinking and what impact it is having on me.
Consider the amount of energy we expend trying to convince people that we are right and if they would only listen to what I am saying. It is exhausting! When I began to take baby steps in reducing my own negativity or yours and moving us both to a less negative posture, new horizons began to emerge. I began to be able to listen and hear what you were saying rather than waiting for you to finish speaking so I could refute your position. When I could just listen and hear you I allowed for me to consider the possibility that what you are saying is valid and might just help me grow in new and exciting ways.
Being able to define new strategies in my own sobriety, has benefited my Sober Coaching clients as I now better equipped to help them set more realistic goals for their progress.
Going from negative to less negative hence became a positive direction in my life for it allowed me to listen more, hear more and grow more.
My prayer for you today is that you move from negative to less negative and commence reaping the joyful benefits of neutral in your own lives. Sober Coaching may be the catalyst you need to stabilize and energize your journey in recovery. 
Modern and independent South Florida Sober Rabbi with an MSW Degree and 23+ years of sobriety providing Sober Coaching and Addiction Counseling focusing on energizing, motivating, healing, spiritual guidance and personalized life cycle events. 
If you, a family member or friend are suffering, call me at 954-755-3764 to get the help you deserve.
Hugs and blessings for a joyous day!
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