Yogi’s Wisdom

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Berra is widely regarded as one of the greatest catchers in baseball history. According to the win shares formula developed by sabermetrician Bill James, Berra is the greatest catcher of all time and the 52nd greatest non-pitching player in major-league history.

Berra, who quit school after the eighth grade, has a tendency toward malapropism and fracturing the English language. "It ain't over till it's over" is arguably the most famous example, often quoted.

If you like to read and laugh at the same time, add The Yogi Book to your reading list. I grew up during Yogi's playing days and vividly remember many of his humorous quips. Reading them now evokes good memories and rib splitting laughter. Yogi has appeared as a fool to many, but is one of the sharpest minds of the 20th century. He had amazing talent as a baseball player, adept business acumen and a simple wisdom that fooled many.

There was no pretense to Yogi. What he thought was what he said. If it made sense to him that was all that mattered. How many of us can say that about ourselves. How many of us say what we think the way we think it or do we take the time to reframe it so it sounds better. Yogi never worried about it because Yogi liked Yogi. Yogi played and performed in front of countless millions of people during his career, screaming as loud as they could for him to fail and he succeeded beyond measure, yet off the field, he was shy and reserved.One of the greatest joys I have in my work with all people as a Rabbi and Spiritual/Addiction Counselor in watching them emerge to a place of unconditional acceptance of themselves as they are. This journey from being a chameleon striving daily to be who I thought you wanted me to be was maddening. Reaching a place of just "being" me is a joyful and filled with elation.

Yogi's priorities were his marriage, his children, his family, his teammates and his friends. As long as those were protected and nurtured, all was well. Yogi did not worry about fame and fortune as his wealth was in the people around him. There is much to learn about a life well lived by watching and listening to Yogi.

My prayer for you today is that you will find the "Yogi" in you and say it the way you think it as that is the real you.

I am a modern and independent Rabbi with an MSW Degree and 24+ years of sobriety providing addiction counseling focusing on healing, spiritual guidance and personalized life cycle events. If you, a family member or friend are in need of my services, please contact me at 954-755-3764 to get the help you deserve.

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