Taking Massive Action

“God never appears to you in person, but always in action.” – GandhiJoy

We live in a time of action terms that include: alacrity, proactively, swiftness, promptness, boldness and action oriented. There are many more, but for the purpose of this brief message, they will suffice.

I am frequently asked by congregants and clients alike how God appears in my life as they believe that since I am a Rabbi and Spiritual Advisor I must be “connected” and have a “direct line to God” whenever I call upon God in prayer or stress or anytime for that matter.

When we read the business magazines, abstracts and manuals, they talk about plans, agendas, outcomes, strategies, returns, earnings, ratios. Daunting tasks under the best of circumstances. How often have we taken massive steps to accomplish daunting tasks under the best of circumstances. How often have we taken massive steps to accomplish something dramatic in our personal and professional lives and have found ourselves in stress, frustration and even anger because all is not going exactly the way I want it to?
It has been my experience that what I have lacked when taking massive action and what is often missing from all the literature I read is the “joy” I can add to my journey. By me adding an attitude of joy to all the action I take in my life, I feel more enthused, open, willing and at peace. I keep learning in my journey, that there are few destinations; just many little dots to connect. When I can add joy to this process I expand my horizons and find myself soaring into the next list of action steps as I know that somewhere in the journey the dots are going to connect and I am going to have a WOW moment. How many WOW moments do you have? By adding “JOY” to your action list, I assure you that you will multiply your WOW moments exponentially.
My prayer for you today is that you find JOY in your journey and begin to feel the WOW in all that you do.


Hugs and Blessings,
Rabbi Mitch

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