Ouch – It Wasn’t Funny

“It Just Hurts”  -  Anonymous

How many times have you been the brunt of a joke made at your expense? Like most of us probably way too often and it hurts. Somewhere along the way we thought it was okay to tell what we thought was funny about someone else and cause others to laugh at that person. When we added the instant, “I was only kidding”, that made it okay, right? WRONG!!

It is not okay for me to use my poor sense of humor to hurt you and it is not okay for you to be okay with me doing it to you. I came to learn that whenever I caused someone to be hurt by my viper like tongue there was something wrong inside me that was causing me pain and that I did not want to confront or change.

I know how much it hurt when it was done to me yet I continually did the same thing to others. People would often tell me that I was too sensitive. I am sensitive and am proud of my sensitivity. I have learned that my sensitivity is an important part of who I am as a man, friend, parent, husband, Rabbi and Counselor and that I use my sensitivity to listen better, comfort more and heal those in pain. I have no right to hurt you with the vulnerability you entrust to me through the context of our relationship.

My prayer for you today is that you find your sensitivity and heal others rather than hurt them.


Hugs and Blessings,
Rabbi Mitch

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