Remembering to Make Time

“Taking time for you should never be seen as a burden. Not on you, and not on anyone else.”  - Elizabeth Franklin.  

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As a Rabbi and Spiritual Counselor, I do many motivational workshops for private companies and non profit organizations. I am frequently asked to speak on "responsibility." That seems to be a topic of deep concern to business owners. When I visit with a professional team, I often ask them to freely associate in response to; "When I say responsible, you say_________." Without fail over the past number of years, nary a soul has ever responded with saying "themselves." They have listed clients, customers, spouses, children, parents, friends, siblings, employers, colleagues, grandchildren, extended relations, prospects and more, but never themselves.

I find that to be strange, don't you? I stand at the chalk board and list every reply and after about 5-10 minutes, I stop and review the list of some 20-25 replies. I then ask them where they are on the list and everyone pauses and smiles as if they have been tricked. They have not been I can assure you.

We have been so programmed to put others in front of ourselves that we have often forgotten to put us on the list at all. How tragic! It is time to commence putting me on my list by understanding that the better I take care of me, the more of me is available to others. The worse I care for me, the greater my resentments will be toward others and what I perceive to be their "demands." I have learned through my own experience that when I take care of me, your demands become your needs and when I forget me, they revert back to demands.

What are some things I can do for me on a daily basis to care for me?

  1. Learn to say no. Remember, you are a human being, not a human doing.
  2. Get up 5 minutes earlier to spend 5 minutes nurturing your soul and spirit however you choose.
  3. Go to sleep 5 minutes later and spend the extra 5 minutes nurturing your soul however you choose.
  4. Have coffee with a friend at least once a week.
  5. Turn your cell phone off at least 30 minutes a day.
  6. Make I love you phone calls to 5 people every day. These call last no more than 30 seconds.
  7. Listen to your favorite music in the car.
  8. Stop listening to news. It is hostile, angry and depressing.
  9. Get a hug at least once a day.
  10. Do not let anyone abuse you.

You can make up your own list, but we all must make time for us if we are going to be able to make time for others.

My prayer for you today is that you remember just how important you are to you and take the steps to affirm yourself.


Hugs and Blessings,
Rabbi Mitch
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