Where Does My Soul Live?

The following five minute exercise is designed to help you find wisdom and clarity when you feel a touch out of focus. As a Rabbi and Counselor, I have used this many times and have found it most helpful in reconnecting me to me and you to you.Soul

We all find ourselves adrift at varying times in our lives. Sometimes the clarity we seek is apparent and we move forward rapidly. At other times the clarity does not appear as quickly and may in fact, not appear at all, leaving us feeling confused, frustrated and at sea.

When this happens to me I have found that I can go deeper inside me to find whatever I believe I am seeking. I have come to know for me that when I can visualize an intangible space within my soul, I create an opportunity to find the clarity I am seeking.

Imagine your soul as a portal through which you have direct access to open your life, spirit and greater being to all the awe, wonder, beauty, glory and mystery of your universe. By opening yourself in this manner, you provide yourself with a fresh and new perspective through which you see your journey.

Some of the affirmations you may use to get you started could include:

  • Just for today I will open my heart and soul to loving and patient connections
  • Just for today I am opening my soul and spirit to truth, tolerance, respect and wisdom
  • Just for today I am opening my heart and soul to laughter, joy and fun
  • Just for today I am opening my spirit and soul to _____________ (Fill in the blank)

You can create your own affirmations using whatever language you choose. I like “Just for today” as it reminds me that I am rooted in the present and have the choice every day to open my soul, spirit and heart to the endless possibilities of my own life.

My prayer for you today is that you will take “5″ minutes of your life to elevate you to a greater and more fulfilling place.

Hugs and Blessings,
Rabbi Mitch

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