Monthly Archives: August, 2013


Be Friends

I pray that you awoken to joy and hope today. Let me say that the most important part of my life is to be friends. Be friends with everybody. Be friends with your spouse. Be friends with your children. Be friends with your relatives. Be friends with your neighbors and your fellow workers and your …

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Five Good Minutes

Are you worthy of five good minutes each day? I pray you believe you are for in five good minutes you are capable of achieving a great deal. In my journey as a Rabbi in Recovery, I have learned over and over how much can be accomplished in moving one from negative to positive actions …

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“I don’t think of all the misery but of the beauty that still remains.” – Anne Frank The topics listed below are from various books and speeches made by Steve Siebold, an internationally known motivational speaker and peak performance coach. When I saw these I was moved to summarize them into one word: Attitude. When …

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Speaking To The Person

“If I cannot say it to you, I dare not say it, for the person who repeats it will never say what I said or meant.” – Rabbi Mitch I used to seek opportunities to tell others of the dishy details of your life for the hole in my soul was so great that I …

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