Shelly B.

Incredibly awesome Mitchell......this is a message all new comers should hear it could save their lives!!!!

Carrie R.

I am in a blessed awe as I sit here right now. I would not normally be awake at this hour. But for some reason I am, and I see that your post is why. I so very truly needed to hear this...to have this put into my mind that no matter what, I don't have to ever pick up. And most importantly that this life is a very, true gift...say "Thank you" and always let those we love, know we do. THANK YOU for posting this....I will be forwarding it to everyone I know, and definitely making sure my amazing children, know just how amazing, and loved they truly are. Thank you again for this beautiful message. Be Blessed!

Miriam SJ

Your writing is like crystal clear water, honest and pure. I find that you speak your truth without any hidden agenda, without pretense or excuse, only the heartfelt desire to share what you have learned. This, I believe, is a special gift, but nevertheless, I assume it takes courage. I shall share this one.

Barbara P.

You have brought so many blessings to so many people, would love to see you and hug you.

Randi K.

Kind of takes me out of the whole self centeredness thing. What a great post. Thanks.

Stephanie J.

As i was reading this, my shoulders dropped and i became very relaxed. Thx for putting me in check. this is beautiful and humbling. namaste!

Charlotte B.

Beautiful story. I hope you are thinking of compiling all these amazing posts into a book. :-)

Miriam SJ

Awesome. Waking up with the mindset of being the best 'I' personally can be and "performing as many acts of kindness as 'I' personally can" keeps the focus of me, because all of that depends on me. A really liberating position to be in. Good one.

Sandra C.

Most eloquently rendered, Bles- I mean, Mitch.

William B.

I really enjoy your post Rabbi refreshing to read something by you. I've witnessed it too. "Sober up a drunken horse thief and ya still have a horse thief", come to mind. I know for myself old worn out useless belief systems are constantly being worked on by Spirit. Sometimes the process just gets plain tiring and sometimes I feel lost, like where is all this going? There is so much more than just not drinking/using.

Miriam SJ

Awesome. Waking up with the mindset of being the best 'I' personally can be and "performing as many acts of kindness as 'I' personally can" keeps the focus of me, because all of that depends on me. A really liberating position to be in. Good one.

Sandra C.

Most eloquently rendered, Bles- I mean, Mitch.

William B.

I really enjoy your post Rabbi refreshing to read something by you. I've witnessed it too. "Sober up a drunken horse thief and ya still have a horse thief", come to mind. I know for myself old worn out useless belief systems are constantly being worked on by Spirit. Sometimes the process just gets plain tiring and sometimes I feel lost, like where is all this going? There is so much more than just not drinking/using.

Miriam SJ

This is a great post, which I would like to share with as many people as possible, and Mitchell's response to the $64,000 question is superb. "Go slowly and have zero expectations." Brilliant.

Theresa C.

I think in some ways you are XXVI, no? Thats what I like about your passages. They are the best blend of spirituality and recovery and inspiration in the morning!!!

Ginny O.

Mitchell, this was a beautiful post. What a tribute. Thanks.

Joey M.

You are an inspiring writer. I also will burn the sage and lift Theresa in prayer.

Judy K.

Praying for Theresa! What an inspiration. Thank you for writing about it so beautifully.

Morris P.

Thank you Mitchell, you are MY hero, your posts inspire me and bring a great sense of wellbeing to my person.

Melindajo G.

I will try today to be more helpful to others because of you. Thanks! Luv to u.

Cheryl B.

I love Louise Hay! God bless u for these daily words of wisdom Mitchell,,,I always look forward to them!

Ginny O.

Thank you for that! I had to make lists and use post-its reminders in the beginning too, and find that getting back to the basics is what has kept me here for 11+yrs. I find your post today especially open and revealing and honest. And what you might find rather interesting, is that I have a hard time picturing you waking up and chasing the 'high' and feeling the fear just like I did. You seem so extraordinary! What a testament to recovery you are! Yes it's a beautiful, majestic day, and that's because of people like you who are willing to share their honest ESH, with gratitude! Thanks again Mitchell for leading the way and sharing your journey. I'm so glad not to be alone anymore, ever.

Melindajo G.

Thank you for a new outlook and fresh beginning of the week! Love to you and yours!

William B.

Love your posts Rabbi

Jill A.

you are a sweet and kind man!

Melijando G.

You nailed it on the head! Luv hugs blessings to you and everyone. Melijando G

Charles M.

Although I do enjoy my meditation books, I "REALLY" enjoy reading your words of wisdom as often as you are able to put them in print for us to read. God, as you should define, Bless!

Theresa C.

OMG again written so beautifully.

Kenneth M.

Doesn't it say in the book that alcohol is but a symptom. This is a great suggestion. Thanks and you are right. I have other addictions I need to work on too.

Ginny O.

Thanks for a good subject Mitchell AND your honesty. You always make me 'think'.

Charles M.

Mitch, loved every word, as I always do! Thank you! And You! talk about some good night reading, what a blessing! to an already fabulous day!

Monica S.

{{{HUGS}}} Awesome words Mitch! You have spoken the truth and this is how I choose to live my life! I don't listen to what is said I watch what people do. The old saying is "Walk the walk, talk the talk"...unfortunately they are not one and the same. The best way for people to see my program in motion is to see my actions not my words!

Sandy R.

Awesome words this morning. I will devote my practice today to the energy of this miracle..........ha! The fact that I even have a positive practice daily is because of this miracle.....thank you

Jan WD.

Beautiful Mitchell! You are speaking my heart this morning my friend! Much love, ((hugs)) and smiles to you today. And Happy Tuesday!!

Deedrie F.

You’re an amazing man with courage and words of wisdom..love you guy!!!!

Mark K.

Thanks for the gentle reminder how precious the gift of just for today is! Love & Hugs Rebbe....

Miriam SJ

What makes your posts so endearing to me is the use of the word "I." I like that you own your feelings and do not try to hide them in the "You" and "They." And it is remarkable that those who respond do not attack you personally and have the good sense to recognize that everyone, addictive personality or not, has some soul searching to do. Good job!

Mark K.

So happy to find someone in recovery I can identify with. Love & Hugs :)

William B.

love this post Rabbi...

Jan WD

You are just beautiful Mitchell! Happy joyous celebration to you too!

Chriss EC

WOW!!! A powerful post! Thank you for sharing your exp. strength and hope!

Christopher C.

This is great Mitchell Thanks! (Oh, I've got a full head of hair, 5' 10" but shrinking)

Sheila N.

You nailed it Mitchell!!

Emily K.


Jerry C.

Great post Mitchell.

Mark K.

Your stat and experience brings to mind a key portion of Dr. Bob's (obviously unheeded) words in his farewell speech: GO TELL IT ON A MOUNTAIN!!! LUV U REBBE.....

Sandra Casiano

Stay strong and real, Bles- uh, Mitchell. Those yet to make it to the rooms need those like you who keep it real and simple.

Darlene L.

This is a great post. Even though I took my savior Jesus Christ with me to hell, he was always there waiting for me to ask him to lift me up and he sure has done that. Hugs Mitchell.

Barbara P.

This is beautiful and very true. Sometimes we all need to remember these words. God bless you Mitch.

Miriam SJ

Awesome: "I have to remember every day what my primary purpose is as it helps me get centered, focused and provides me with a jumping off point to start my day."

Ginny O.

That's just fantastic Mitchell! I feel this way about recovery too! You bring tears to my eyes.

Melissa B.

You're a terrific writer and person. I am happy for you and really enjoyed reading this. You make me smile.

Charles M.

Thank you for the "spiritual gust of wind"! Please continue to let it blow long and hard! Blessing my friend!

Ginny O.

That was beautiful! I could actually believe I was there. It's always a double-edged sword when we realize where we were and how far we've come -- I struggle with both feelings of shame and elation.

Miriam SJ.

Awesome. This account so ties in with recent posts about getting out of one's box, or rather, that really and truly, there is no box. It is so alarmingly spellbinding what one discovers when one allows oneself to flow seamlessly into the another's world. BTW, those scenes were very vivid! Great writing. Happy Day to you too. ;:-)

Whitney S.

I love reading your posts, so upifting, I miss ya and you have had a great impact on my life thanks! God Bless You

Sarah D.

Although I don't know u I was thinking about u yesterday. your status are always an inspiration .bless u xx

Melissa M.

I love you!!!! You are a wonderful kind person and I too let the ranting go on and when I share I too just try to let new comers know that people's concepts of a higher power or god differs

Alana RL

Hey, thanks Mitch for helping me to always remember these things that I sometimes forget. Have a blessed day!!! {{{HUGS}}}

Alana RL

I am blessed to have friends like you Mitch and want to thank you for beautiful heart felt postings like this. Have a blessed day!!! {{{HUGS}}}

Alexandra B.

These words are absolute perfection. Thank you :)

Karen B.

That is a beautiful share. Best read of the day. Thank you. Namaste.

Charles MC.

Thank you Mitch for your post, and thank YOU God for your gifts of love which are continued to be shown to me daily!

Sober Christian

Wonderful words to memorialize what must have been a great friendship, Bless you Mitchell and may God be with Joel's family.

Sandra Y.

Much sympathy to you and Joel's family. I must thank you Mitch for the times you make me smile and for the times you help me through with prayer. Much gratitude and love sent to you.

Joyce M.

With tears running down my face, I am moved beyond words. Your eulogy was a magnificent testimony to a beautiful soul and an exceptional friendship. You are so special and I am sending you healing hugs and much love. You were blessed to have had each other. RIP Joel!

Lynn C.

Your words relative to your brotherly friend touched me deeply. Thx for sharing...

Shelly B.

What an awesome celebration of Joel's life in words Mitchell, this is extremely moving for me as I am too watching a dear friend battle her cancer. You and Joel were blessed to have this time. together in the final days, a treasure to carry in your heart. May you and Joel's family be comforted knowing that he is in God's arms and has finally found freedom from the pain and heart break of cancer. ♥ Prayers and Hugs

Ingrid R.

That was a beautiful testimony of the blessings you brought to each other as chosen brothers. Thank you for sharing it. I am very sorry for your loss. Peace to you and to Joel’s family in this time of loss...

Sober Christian

Wonderful words to memorialize what must have been a great friendship, Bless you Mitchell and may God be with Joel's family.

Brian O.

Great stuff -- The Big Red Book from ACA.org - that has helped me a lot with letting go of negative self talk

Ilene R.

Wow, I had forgotten what it was like to think and feel that way, reading that took me back to that dark place I haven't been to in years. So grateful to believe, think and behave differently today, Thanks Mitch:)

Barbara P.

God bless you Mitch. You make the world a brighter place. Would love to see you and share what I learned while being in 6 Baltic countries for 2 weeks. Come visit, Buddy and Ava Peach will make you feel great.

Anthony S.

beautifully written piece.

Giovanni D.

Love your insight, thank you sooo for sharing

Mark K.

Beautifully written....wished we met 10 years ago. Love & Hugs.

A Sober Christian

I also thank you Rabbi Mitch for the same reason, you have knowledge for people in recovery and share it, as indeed we should.

Alana RL.

I am grateful for all that you share Mitch. Quite often there is something that helps me make it thru the day spiritually, so as for the ramblings...I do not think so, you have so much knowledge and wisdom and I personally thank you!!!{{{HUGS}}}

Dawn S.

All I could hear when reading this was love, love, love and just all the things I want in my life for others and myself. Just the peace of acceptance and coming together. Wow! Thank you so much for sharing. I have been in a rather dark place in my life but, I am always praying and I do the excercise thing everyday that the weather permits. I have a couple of truly good friends who allow me to come to them on a regular basis and just listen to me and it seems love me :) And I love them. God is LOVE, God is good and i am so grateful that even if I were all alone I have Him for sure for He has promised that to me. Ok :) God bless.

Pamela B.

This is beautiful Thank you for sharing Peace is possible With examples like this we grow stronger in love compassion and acceptance

Sandy R.

What an awesome writing today. I was wondering what I was going to use in meditation today and I have had very hard week with death and sickness in the family. That was perfect. Thank you for being willing to be the channel that you are. Peace.

Robin G.

That is a great message. shared values are actually about . . values :)

Sara M.

You know how well I can relate to this - while we don't have kids yet, we always get the 'but how will you raise them' question. My answer is always. - as good, moral people who are accepting of people's differences and who, hopefully, have a belief in a higher power (in any way they see fit-. This is my most favorite post of yours yet xoxo

Noreen G.

You are a beautiful man ~A true messenger of the" Big guy" / God Bless you {{{{{hugs}}}}} & Blessings ~+~ Have a great weekend ~be safe ;))~~

Ginny OE.

Thanks Mitchell for the spirituality you always share. I totally appreciate you and your thoughts.

Ron P.

Great to start the day -taking care of spirit, soul, emotional & physical needs. Thanks for reminding of this.

Armando L.

Very well said brother Mitch I thank God every day 4 putting people like you in my life I’m blessed in abundance.....have a wonderful!!

Ginny OE

Again...you say it so well. Hope your day is wonderful!

Charlotte W.

well said - story of my life too!

Alana RL

Exactly..."act my way into good thinking"...Mitch you just have a way with words that amaze me and always seem to tell pieces of my story. It is about the similarities, and not the differences for me today. I again thank you for sharing who you are with us...{{{HUGS}}}

Stephen E.

TY you’re a power for sure...love the posts...!!!!

Allyn S.

thank you mitch im really working hard on integrity right now.

Mandy M.

Beautifully said Brother Mitch!! it wasn't easy looking in the mirror years ago and seeing a stranger in my reflection I didn't recognize the person in the mirror took 1 day at a time 1 step at a time to begin to love myself...today with the strength of my higher power that I choose to call God n the love of my fellowship I am able to love again not only myself but others too.....Smiles & Hugs to ya!!!

Michelle M.

Awesome stuff!! Im looking at myself in the mirror and love who i see today. Miracles do happen only with God and a willingness!!:-)

Alana RL

The joy of my new life and my daily routines today, have become a part of who I am. The fact that I even pay my bills on time, register for classes and then show up...wow, now for this addict/alcoholic, that’s a true routine. Once again Mitch, thanks for sharing so honestly!!{{{HUGS}}}

Lisa G.

thanks for posting this. the part about 'routine and relationships' helped clear something up for me.

Melissa B.

Very beautiful. I remember being the one bouncing and singing in Cantor Stephanie's Choir and just feeling groovy in the experience. No one could stifle my joy. I loved reading this Rabbi Mitch. Thank you xoxo

Mark K.

Rabbl, this post is without a doubt truly beautiful. It certainly makes the top 10. Love/Hugs and Shabbat Shalom

Eileen O.

a beautiful and moving account of how a memory can change our lives for the better, thank you Mitchell. I will share this if you don't mind.

Allison F.

hat was a special Rabbi that encouraged the boy. What a mensch. And so are you, as tears stream down my face. Sometimes I wonder if my prayers are heard. I got that answer recently. He hears all, even if he answers it generations later. . . . My mom always told me as a child, "talk to G-d." That was my greatest instruction in prayer.

Johanne L.

Touchant......merci! Have a beautiful day! :-)))

Sandra Y.

Good Morning Mitch thanks for sharing your experience strength and hope with me....I look forward to hearing more!

Mark K.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart. So much identification. You remain my brother from another mother. Love & Hugs :)

Leslie S.

You give me such inspiration each and every day and much gratitude for this wonderful life. You are a beautiful man Mitchell Feld.....Thank you for your friendship and posts.....:)

Yvette M.

Highly recommended by a dear friend of mine who is a healer and Rabbi - in Florida, May I introduce my dear friend Mitchell Feld

William B.

Love the post and love you too Rabbi......

Melissa B.

You are a beautiful man Mitch....an angel soul and I am so glad that you are in the world....blessed to know you. :o)

Marie O.

Awesome Thank you for sharing.

Karen Casey - Author

What a journey we share. All the best to you.

Linda T.

Love this really made me think!! Thank You♥

Mary S.

He is everything or He is nothing...My choice is everything! Thanks for the reminder, Mitch! Good morning and much love and blessings to you! (:

Valerie S.

I needed to hear this again today. I have been praying for God's will for me, but am having a hard time accepting what unfolds. I need to remember that his interest and plans for me are much greater than what I want for myself!!! I have been desperately seeking a job and nothing is coming through. I need to know that in God's time the right place will appear. Thanks! PS. I liked the emphasis on HAIR...lol

Valerie S.

Thank you for reminding me that it's not the situation, but how I respond to it. :D

Diann M.

Congratulations! It is wonderful to know you will be sharing your love, happiness and spirit that gave me hope and courage to start my journey with so many others!! Can't wait to see you in April!!

Sharon H.

Lovely words .I’m in recovery nearly two years trusting God :)

Monica S.

Thanks Mitch! I needed to hear this today. Times are tough and your words of wisdom came at a good time! Shabbat Shalom.

Sandy Ryan

Awesome! Thanks for the reminder.

Theresa Candelaria

Thanks again for your message this morning. I am sooo about beating myself up for not doing this or that. The message helped me remember "easy does it".

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